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An ever-popular thread on the CGC Collector's Society Forum inspired me to go through the boxes and pick out my "favorite 10-cent covers."  It was WAY too much fun: about 6 hours worth!  Considering how many 10-centers we have, it was surprising how few of them really looked good enough for a gallery. I'm not talking about Near Mint here - I was looking for Fine and above. In box after box I found tattered old 10-centers followed by early 12-centers that were immediately nicer than their predecessors. I can only assume that the comics industry really needed that extra $.02 to upgrade their production lines!

Anyway, here's the winners from my first search. I picked up to three from each box I went through, based primarily on condition, but influenced more than a little by cover design. The overall first-place winner, based on both condition and artistic merit is... Strange Adventures #130.

Action 274 [VG+]
House of Mystery 84 [FN+]   House of Mystery 89 [FN+]  House of Mystery 92 [FN+]  Jimmy Olsen 49 [VG+]   Jimmy Olsen 48 [FN]    Wonder Woman 122 [VGF]
Strange Adventures 99 [VG+]
Strange Adventures 122 [FN+] Strange Adventures 128 [VF-] Strange Adventures 130 [FVF] Turok, Son of Stone 17 [VG-]
Turok, Son of Stone 22 [VF] World's Finest 114

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