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Comics featuring cover art by the legendary Steve Ditko. All of these comics are in our collection and most are for sale. If you are interested in making a purchase, go here for more info. If you just like to look, enjoy! I'll include a few links to other Ditko sites to increase the fun. If you would like to borrow some of my cover scans I don't mind, but I'd like it if you drop me an email. (I haven't figured out how to do page counters yet, and I'd like to know that somebody found my site.)

Spookies and Sci-Fi Amazing Fantasy, Ghostly Tales, Mysterious Traveler
Captain Atom [Charlton] Starting out in Space Adventure, continuing in his own book
Beware the Creeper [DC] Short-lived series with all-Ditko covers
Shade, the Changing Man [DC] Another short-lived series with all-Ditko covers
Stalker [DC] In yet another short-lived  project (4 issues), Ditko collaborates with Wally Wood!
Miscellaneous Superheroes Charlton Blue Beetle, The Hawk and the Dove (DC) and the occasional Marvel cover
Spiderman Not scanned in yet

Miscellaneous Spookies: Horror and Sci-Fi Comics, Monsters, that kind of thing
Amazing Adult Fantasy #8, 1961
Amazing Adult Fantasy 8
Amazing Adult Fantasy #9, 1961
Amazing Adult Fantasy 9
Amazing Adult Fantasy #10, 1961
*SOLD* [VG-]
Amazing Adult Fantasy 10
Amazing Adult Fantasy #14, 1962
Amazing Adult Fantasy 14
Konga #6
$9  [GD]
Konga #6
Mysterious Traveler #4, 1956
$72  [GVG]
Mysterious Traveler 4
Mysterious Traveler #9 - Ditko art, maybe not cover
$80 [VG]
Mysterious Traveler 9
Mysterious Traveler #11, 1956
$84 [VG]
Mysterious Traveler 11
Ghostly Tales #69, 1968
Ghostly Tales 69
Konga #11
$15  [VG]
Konga #11

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