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My husband has been collecting comics since the early '60's, and has finally consented to let me sell some of them. It's quite a collection - he insists that he was trying to buy "every comic printed" during the '60's and early '70's. He really does have a mostly-complete run of every Marvel/DC superhero book, as well as a considerable number of Archies, westerns, war comics, jungle, stone age, and other genres too numerous to mention. There are even a few Golden Age goodies that he found in thrift stores. Most of these comics have been treated respectfully and are in extremely nice shape. Well, the Golden Agers, not so much, but the ones that were bought new typically look like they were read 3 or 4 times and then neatly packed away in boxes. I'm still sorting and inventory-ing, but here's a partial list of the types of comics we have. If there is something in particular you are looking for, please send me an email and I'll get back to you! And if you're a theme collector, skip right to my ever-growing Theme Cover section: Gorillas, Dinosaurs, Bondage and more!
Superheroes, Marvel&DC: too many to list. We have more-or-less complete runs of every Marvel and DC superhero comic from 1961 to about 1980. After that, it gets a little more selective, concentrating on interesting mini-series with outstanding artwork and anything X-Man-related.
Superheroes, off-brand: You want obscure? You've come to the right place. If you're looking for a Charlton super-hero comic, chances are we have it. We also have Atlas, Mighty Comics, Tower Comics, ACG, ME, etc. If you collect Ditko art, here's the place to look. Ditko did covers and art for everything from Blue Beetle (Charlton version) to Konga the Giant Gorilla.  You just never know where he'll pop up.  text inventory [Jaguar - Phantom ]
Heroes and Superheroes, Dell/GoldKey: This is a category I never even knew existed until I got into those boxes in the attic. Dell heroes tend to be more human and less super than the typical DC/Marvel heroes, like The Phantom. Then there's the sci-fi heroes, like Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom, and Magnus, Robot Fighter. The one thing you'll always find with Dell/GoldKey is high production values. Even after 40 years, these comics still have crisp, glossy covers with little or no yellowing. And they knew how to staple straight. 
TV/Movie Comics: We have long runs of sci-fi titles like Space Family Robinson and Star Trek, plus lots of partial runs and #1 issues of dozens of '60's TV shows (Bewitched, Munsters, Astro-Boy, The Avengers, I Dream of Jeannie, Wild Wild West, and more). Being mostly Gold Key, these comics are typically in excellent condition: mostly Fine to Very Fine.  text inventory - tv comics
Kid Comics: We have a couple of boxes that I classified as "kid comics." About half are Disneys, mostly Uncle Scrooge and Donald-related. The rest are very miscellaneous - Bugs Bunny, Popeye, Richie Rich, Little Lulu, etc. 
Adventures of Bob Hope/Jerry Lewis: We have long runs of these well-produced Silver Age DC comics. I can't think of a category that they fit into, so I guess they get their own. Famous comedian comics? We have a few Abbott and Costello as well, so I guess that really is a category.
Teen Comics: Boxes of Archie comics - but wait, there's more! Millie the Model! Josie (with and without the Pussycats). Thirteen Going on Eighteen. Ponytail. Go-Go. Teen Beat. Harvey comics galore! If this is your thing, please contact us! Nobody needs this many boxes of teen comics in their closets!   text inventory - teen comics
Spooky Comics: Ghost stories, horror, supernatural. Boxes and boxes of these, ranging from the highly collectible Amazing Adult Fantasy to oddball titles like Midnight Mystery and Ghost Manor. This is another rich hunting ground for fans of specific artists, esp. the old EC artists. Lots of Ditko, Wally Wood, Williamson, Sutton. Dell/GoldKey got into this line too, and did their usual marvelous production work with Ghost Stories and Boris Karloff, both of which we have in quantity. I think this is my favorite category to sort - I just love the cover art. And I must admit I stop and read the comics now and then. 
Jungle Themes: About 100 Tarzan comics from the late 50's through early '70's. Turok, Son of Stone, in a similar range. Son of Tarzan. Jungle Jim. Naza. Rima. Bomba. Kona. And so on, right up into the 1970's and '80's Marvel/DC comics. I kind of lost interest in this part of the collection when the painted covers stopped, but if you want to know more, just email
War Comics: Yup, those too. All the big-name DC and Marvel titles, plus tons of Charlton and other off-brands.  SgtFury
Westerns: Not a completist collection, but more than a box full. 
Classics Illustrated: 22 of these, and another dozen or so Junior Classics Illustrated, mostly in "reading grade." 
Golden Age: These were all bought used (my husband isn't THAT old), and are typically in pretty rough shape: VG or less. Very miscellaneous. Boy Comics. Joe Palooka. A nice pile of slightly racy Jungle Comics. A dozen or so war comics, about the same number of westerns. Rex the Wonder Dog. Fritzi Ritz

Theme Covers
Sorting comics is so much fun, especially when you can look for patterns and themes. The only problem is, once I find a great set of theme covers I tend to fall in love with them and have a hard time putting them out into the cold hard world of Ebay to be scorned and undervalued. So for now, you'll only find them here, waiting for someone who cares enough to come looking for them. Feel free to borrow cover scans for your own online cover collection, but if you do that I'd appreciate it if you drop me a line, and maybe include a link to my site. Thanks.
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Vaguely Naughty Tarzan Horror Archie & Sabrina

Disclaimer: I am not a professional grader. But I have taken the time to purchase the Overstreet Grading Guide and study it carefully, and I am basing my grading on the Overstreet guidelines and examples. Comparing my grades to what I have seen in other online auctions, I seem to be grading quite conservatively. I'm posting scans at 500x700 pixels, which give a very accurate picture of the front cover (and back cover as well for higher-valued books). I will be happy to answer any questions or provide additional scans for specific books you might be interested in.

Terms of Sale

I'm still working out the details. For now, if you are interested in purchasing any comic you see on these pages, whether it is priced or not, please send me an email. Prices will be based on a combination of Overstreet Price Guide and personal whim. If you want to offer less than the price shown, go ahead. The worst that can happen is I'll say no. Shipping will be $3.00 for the first 2 comics, $1 for each additional, plus insurance if you want it.

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